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Life at the Market

The fresh crisp morning air, the sun just starting to rise, and the clatter of boxes being unloaded… it’s a new morning at the farmers market. In a while the first customers are starting to wander in while some of the farmers and vendors are still setting up for the day….

Working the market is so much more than showing up and setting up, its growing produce, baking the goods and crafting the items, it is keeping inventory, loading the truck, van or car the night before or early that morning, its preparing for a long day in the scorching heat after a short night of sleep, rain, winds and even freezing temperatures and much more.

Life at the market is not easy but even so it is rewarding for most of us. No matter the size of the market or the crowd, from Findlay Market with many vendors to the small community Farmers market like Fort Thomas Farmers Market or Stanberry Park Farmers Market. We enjoy chatting with our customers. Yes, of course we like to sell our products, after all that’s why we are at the market, but our customers are more than that. Hearing how their week went, that mom is feeling better or how their first grandchild was born, we miss when our regulars don’t stop by.

Then there is the bond we build with other vendors, watching out for each other, sharing ice during the hot days, lending a hand setting up, referring customers to each other and just supporting one another even if it’s just a shoulder lean on or an ear to listen when we need to get something of our chest. We try to keep it fun for each other.

Most Farmers market run from mid Spring to early Fall, some run all year around or have a separate Winter indoor market and there is even online Farmer Markets like where you can shop for your locally grown and produced items which the vendors drop them off at a collection site every Thursday from where it gets delivered to you that day. If you shop online or make your way to your local Farmers Market either way you are getting great locally grown and produced products but your also supporting local farmers, artisans and small businesses.

So, to all you Farmer Market shoppers I say thank you for your support and to the

fellow Farmers and Artisans, keep up the hard work and the pride you put into your products.

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