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Our Story

     Daniel spends time with his Oma (German for Grandma) on a regular basis so one afternoon just for fun they decided to bake doggy cookies for his dogs at home, the dogs at his omas and especially for Sarge. Now Sarge, a foster dog, was underweight, flee infested and had a severe case of mange when he first arrived. After a few weeks of isolation and extensive treatment he recovered quite well, however the years of neglect and presumed abuse did take a toll on his body. Sarge suffers from a heart defect and quite severe arthritis which required the highest dose of Previcox for him to even be semi comfortable. Even with all this he showed so much love to Daniel and he wanted to do something nice for Sarge in return.


     Oma, aka Doris, had no particular recipe to follow however having a general knowledge in just about anything regarding canines as well as cooking they began to put together ingredients and had fun bonding while baking dog treats.

A few days later Doris noticed a change in Sarge, at first it was just a slight pep in his step followed by more energy and after a while he ran and rolled in the grass for the first time since he arrived. The only change in his routine was the doggy treats so Doris decided to investigate this further by not giving him his medicine, which is quite costly by the way, and we could hardly believe that the lack of his medicine made no difference, well until the Daniels Dog Treats ran out. 

     Within days of Daniels Dog Treats running out Sarge began to rapidly decline. Needless to say a fresh batch was baked immediately and we have not run out since. Daniel, Doris and Christina began to bake regularly for Sarge and all our dogs.  Over time we shared Daniels Dog Treats with owners of dogs with ailments and the results were astonishing.


Daniels Dog Treats

Meet Daniel, Doris and Sarge

Early fall of 2013 we applied for our U.S. Patent. Part of our portfolio required a short video about Daniel's Dog Treats. Sarge was all to eager to star in it.

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