Daniel's Dog Treats are best described in one word for my Husky, "Remarkable". Kodi is our 14 year old Siberian husky which has been suffering with arthritis for many years. During the last 2 to 3 years we have noticed that his muscles in the hind legs are near to none and would drag his legs a lot. His front left knee is about 3 times the size of his right front knee. To help with his mobility, pain level and comfort, Kodi has been on a regimen of Rimadyl, a prescription medication which costs approximately $50.00 per month. He has also tried vitamins with Glucosamine and Chondroitin but with no results. In an attempt to give him major relief, the vet has given Kodi a steroid shot in the hip which would last approximately 4 weeks. This course of action did work; however, I did not want to continue with steroid use plus the costs. Then my sister-in-law knew we were tossing the thoughts around that maybe we should put Kodi down, if he was suffering so much. She suggested that we try the Daniel's Dog Treats. So I did what could it hurt. So, when I placed my order for the dog treats, I immediately took Kodi off all medications, as explained by Doris Foley, the creator of Daniels Dog Treats. We used the dog treats for approximately 4 weeks. Kodi ate about 4 cookies throughout the day. First of all, he loved the cookies, so there is no fight to get pills down, but the "proof is in the pudding" so they say. Kodi was getting along wonderful, able to go on short walks, runs through the house, a complete turnaround. Also, after being on the cookies for 4 weeks, I took Kodi to the vet, Lebanon Animal Hospital, in which Dr. Meade was impressed with Kodi's new found mobility. He no longer needed the Rimadyl, or any other harmful medications. Thank you Daniel’s Dog Treats, for the natural cookies, it was a true blessing for Kodi and us.

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My dogs had been eating Daniel's Dog Treats for about three weeks when I noticed their hair was whiter, softer, and shinier. In addition, the smaller dog's tear stains were practically non-existent. I had used different tear stain products in the past but none worked and they were all full of chemicals. I hadn't expected any "results" from using the dog treats-I just knew the treats were made of all-natural ingredients and the dogs enjoyed them. Later, I found out that other people are noticing similar improvements in their dogs, including increased mobility in dogs with arthritis problems. I highly recommend this product-dogs love them and the results are amazing!

Catherine R. Cincinnati, Ohio

Noni and Jojo

Brutus was diagnosed with ACL of the knee when he was just a pup. We treated him with drugs that helped him walk but left him lethargic all the time. A friend gave me some “all natural biscuits” to try. In no time Brutus was acting like a dog again! He walks and runs like he never had a problem. And the best part is the biscuits are drug free!! Thank You!!

Rita P.


"My 2 year old Saluki mix Carla presented with a misshapen growth on her lower lip that was constantly irritated. The veterinarian first put her on antibiotics thinking it was an infection. There was no change in the growth after treatment, so the vet recommended surgery to remove what she believed was a benign tumor. When I dropped her off for a long visit at the home of Daniel's Dog Treats, I let them know about her growth, so she knew to monitor its irritation. I was pleasantly surprised when I picked her up a week later and her growth had receded by half and was beginning to grow hair back. 2 week later it is almost imperceptible. I have avoided a costly and unnecessary surgery for Carla thanks to Daniel's Dog Treats!"


Our 8 year old lab was on NSAIDs to combat a partial ligament tear in a hind leg. After about 3 weeks on them, he showed signs of a large bleeding ulcer. Once that was brought under control, we were at a big crossroad for pain management while not risking the health complications he had already gone through. Then a friend presented us with Daniels Dog Treats. After about 15 minutes of explaining the basic ingredients to us, as well as their natural benefits, we were convinced it was the best option. After 3 weeks of "Treat"ment with Daniels Dog Treats, our lab's limp had diminished to only when he would stand up after long periods of rest. Due to work/life schedules, we ran out of Daniels Dog Treats after the 3 weeks and his limp came back more, but still not to the extent that it was after the NSAID incident. We made sure to replenish immediately. Our little boy has his puppy spring back in his step and we have Daniel's Dog Treats to thank for it.

Jim and Jennie L.


Marilyn and Maggie

Kolika and Dakota

Kolika and Dakota have been getting Daniel’s Dog Treats since about April 2013 and neither of them had a major ear infection since then. Both of them needed bi-weekly ear cleanings to avoid ear infections and even then they would get one or two major ones a year requiring antibiotics. Both are happy to not only not have any ear infections but also not having to have their ears cleaned so often as they both do not like it. Thank you Daniel’s Dog Treats.

Shadow was a 3 year old rescue when he came to us and within days we realized he had anxiety issues with loud noises. It wasn’t too severe on a daily basis however thunderstorms and fireworks where a challenge. The first Fourth of July weekend he would not go outside to urinate or relief himself in the house, we feared his bladder was going to rupture.

We used to try to keep him calm with a calming jacket, expensive infusers, Benadryl and prescription calming medications. However all of it left him drowsy or uncomfortable and my house always smelling like chemicals and lavender. Shadow has been on the Calming Treats from Daniel’s Dog Treats for about a year and the difference is amazing. He doesn’t need any medications or anything else besides his treat which is so much healthier and he is much happier.


Harry Potter

I bought Daniel’s Dog Treats Calming Treats at the Mt. Washington Market in Stanbery Park, Cincinnati Ohio... AMAZING difference in my dog! He didn't bark at the storm that night and didn't chase my vacuum the next morning as I cleaned. THANK YOU! I'll be coming by all summer to get these "treats" for him!

Nikki M.


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