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Trials and tribulations

Since the first days of Daniel’s Dog Treats creation until today we encountered many challenges. Some minor others major.

In the beginning, as we realized our Blueberry treat are unique, it was the challenge of ‘how can we turn this into a business and supply a natural healthy treat to dogs in need’. We began by giving treats to family and friends with dogs that may benefit from them. Soon we received great feedback and knew we had to take the next step. We began the painful project of acquiring a patent for our Blueberry Delight which while we do have our temporary patent we are still working on the permanent one.

Next, we began to sell our treats through word of mouth, at special events, fundraisers and by creating a Facebook page. We began to advertise with magnets on our cars to having a banner and t-shirts printed.

Technical aka production, challenges continued to arise with our food processor breaking and us working the dough by hand, our custom cookie cutter breaking and having to find someone to replicate it to our measurements and the stove breaking so we lugged a new stove in by ourselves that day to finish baking an order we needed for the next day.

On the business end, we had to educate ourselves on licenses, tax ID, labor laws etc. Then we ventured into the world of eCommerce where words like Search Engine Optimization, Meta Tags, analytics and so on turned from a foreign language to a challenge to be mastered. While the website business is still in its growing stage we also sell at local farmers markets and hope (fingers crossed) soon to have a more permanent place at Findley Market which would be one step closer to one day owning our own Storefront maybe.

However even with all the trials we had, have and still to come we are blessed to have family, friends and loyal customers to help us continue our journey as Daniel’s Dog Treats. Over the years we had many satisfied customers and happy doggy owners.

Thank you all

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